Executive Search

We provide top talent searching service for the bio-pharmaceutical industry.


  • General Management Post

    General Manager, CEO/CFO/COO, Administrative Director, HR Director, Procurement Director, Financial Director, Legal Director, Investment and Financing Director, Marketing Director, Sales Director, Production Director, V...

  • Clinical Operations Management Post

    VP/ Director of Clinical Operations, Clinical Program Director/Manager (Clinical Operations), Senior Clinical Inspector, Clinical Quality Management

  • Clinical Medicine Management Post

    CMO, Medical Director, Medical Manager, Medical Supervisor, Medical Consultant, Drug Safety

International Service Standards

Insight Talents adopts the service standards of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC).
Insight Talents provides standardized service mainly according to
AESC Professional and Moral Standards
AESC Standardized Operating Procedures
AESC Candidate Evaluation and Background Investigation Procedures
AESC Candidate’s Interests and the Client Company’s Full Control and Final Selection Rights